In 2016 I graduated with my bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University. During my time in school, I did research in SLAM, localization, and swarm-intelligence algorithms.

Besides my academics, I worked at several companies for internships and co-ops doing a variety of work. Some of these include,

  • Working for a startup developing an electronic medical record system
  • Simulating assembly-line robots at Applied Manufacturing Technologies
  • Developing boat engine hardware at Mercury Marine
  • Working at Facebook to build and validate network-switch hardware

After my degree, I worked at the Uber ATG (Advanced Technology Group) developing self-driving prediction and machine learning algorithms for their self-driving Uber cars. While there, I spent much of my time writing software and riding around in the cars debugging issues. Since then I have left Uber and now I joined a startup Argo AI to help build software perception systems for their self-driving car.

If you’re interested more about me, you can download my CV here.